What is a photo op?

A photo op is a paid for photo taken with your favorite celebrity or celebrities by a professional photographer.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a photo ops depends on the celebrity or celebrities that you are getting your photo with. The price can vary anywhere from $20.00 to hundreds of dollars.

What do I get with my photo op?

You will receive a professional 8X10 photograph printed on top of the line studio quality printers.

Can I get a digital?

Yes! Digitals are available depending on the event for a nominal fee. If available, they will be emailed to you and received within 24 to 48 hours.

Where do I buy photo ops?

Photo ops tickets can be purchased online via credit card weeks before the event. Online sales will end 6 days prior to the start of the event. Tickets if still available can be purchased at the event however, sales are cash only.

Can I buy photo ops at the event?

Yes! Photo ops tickets can be bought at the sales table located in the photo ops area of the event. Please note that all ticket sales at the event are cash only. In most cases there are several ATM’s located throughout the event.

How do I know when my favorite celebrity or celebrities will be there for photo ops?

The photo ops schedule will be posted weeks before the event when the ticket sales start. Please note that the schedule is subject to change at anytime up to the stated time of your photo op.

Where do I go for my photo op?

The photo ops area will be clearly market at the event. Please arrive no earlier then 15 minutes to line up for your scheduled photo op.

How long do I get with the celebrity or celebrities?

Photo ops are very fast paced. They are not meet and greets. You will be with the celebrity or celebrities for a matter of seconds. Most celebrities will have a table set up where you can go get your photo signed and talk to them during the event.

What if I can’t make my photo op?

General refunds will be issued up to two weeks prior to the event start date. Refund requests must be made at prismaphotoops.com/refundme. Any refund request after the deadline date will not be approved. The only exceptions are convention cancelation, guest cancelation, photo op cancelation or reasons deemed acceptable by Prisma photo ops.

What if my favorite celebrity or celebrities cancel?

This is one thing we never like to see however, it does happen from time to time. If your photo op is canceled you will be refunded for your ticket. You also have the option to swap your ticket for a different photo op of equal or greater value.

The event is over, and I lost my photo?

If your photo lost or your looking to get another copy they can be purchased online. The cost of this is $10.00 plus a small processing fee for a digital and $15.00 for a physical copy plus shipping and handling.

How many people can be in a photo with one ticket?

This varies by event and the celebrity/celebrities. Most cases unless otherwise noted up to 4 adults are allowed per photo op ticket. If you are a family with small children two adults and up to three children are allowed as long as they are under the age of 15. If you want to add an additional person it is $20.00 per person which includes another printed copy. A max of 6 people per photo op. If there is a special circumstance for a family, please notify us as soon as possible. Please note that one ticket is only good for one printed photo. Additional prints can be purchased at the event.

How long does it take to get my printed photo?

In most cases photos print within 45 to 60 seconds. This can vary from event to event and the volume of photos being taken.

What can I bring in to the photo op with me?

Depending on the celebrity/celebrities you may be able to bring in approved props. We ask that you bring in a limited number of items as photo ops are very fast paced and having to put items down for the photo and picking them back up can cause delays.

What if I want a certain pose with the celebrity or celebrities?

All poses are at the discretion of the celebrity/celebrities. We ask that if you have a certain pose in mind that you have a photo of it on you phone to show the celebrity/celebrities. There is no lifting of any persons in the photo op allowed at any time.

Can I take a selfie in the photo op?

NO! You may not use your phone during the photo op unless it is to show the celebrity/celebrities pose you would like to be in for the photo.

I just want a photo with my favorite celebrity or celebrities do I need to buy a ticket to the event?

Yes, all photo ops require that your purchase a ticket to the physical event.

Can I give my favorite celebrity or celebrities a gift?

We ask that all gifts be given at the celebrity/celebrities table and not in the photo ops. Please note not all celebrity/celebrities will accept gifts from fans.

What if I do not like my photo?

We try to make sure every photo is the best it can be. Once you get your photo if you are not happy with it please let a staff member know immediately. We will do our best to fix any issues you may have. Please note a retake is not guaranteed and at the discretion of Prisma Photo Ops